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Your crochet is gorgeous!!
Oh the stresses of project run and play. We had 2 shirts and a skirt we didn't use for this week!!!


The crochet edging is great! I also have 5 pieces for next week that I'm not going to use - including a pieced denim skirt that I made before I saw Jessica's look last week that now looks like a copy.


I love the simplicity of your designs. The dress is totally playable (a word?), and it will fit for a long long time - the hallmarks of a great kids ensemble. The crochet is the perfect touch. Congratulations for seeing it through.


I love the dress. I think my daughter would love one just like it. This is my first time visiting your blog, very nice.

beth lehman

oh, my word, so lovely!!! love the top with the tights - perfect pairing!

Sam @ White Picket Projects

That happens to me all the time. I've learned not to panic when the dress I am working on is way off of what I envisioned. They usually evolve into something better. I'd never be able to pull it off under the time constraints you did though. And it's gorgeous.


Stopping by from PR&P to say that I have loved both of your looks so far! You make sweet, lovely, wearable clothes. Hope to see you around for many more weeks to come!


This is such a beautiful, simple, organic look, and I love that you made it work - thinking of brand new ideas and executing them is HARD! Your result looks like something out of a Japanese pattern book (which I love). Nice job! :)


I spotted the crochet edging right from the first glance -what a gorgeous touch.


It is gorgeous, love the edging and glad the Dr visit was good.

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