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Sounds like a great book. On rainy days we paint. We also like to craft cookies:)

Sarah M

Our favorite rainy day activity is Dress up and "change the toys" since we rotate toys every few weeks, it just so happens that (imagine that?!) we get the chance to do it on rainy days. :)

Sarah M


That looks like a great book, well done. We don't have a favorite on rainy days but last time it rained here we did BEADS. And some baking and hot chocolate helps, too:)


Wow...congratulations on book # 2! Love the first book and will of course get the second one way or another! we have far more snowy days than rainy here in montana, so we bundle up and head out to make snow angels, snowmen, etc. my mom knit a long red and white striped scarf and hat for our snowman...the best dressed in town! the girls LOVE it :).


Fantastic! It looks lovely - congratulations. We always find ourselves painting and drawing. And when that cupboard gets opened, out come the pipe cleaners (I much prefer that to 'chenille stems') pom poms, glitter, and glue. Lots and lots of glue.

Anne Marie

Congrats on the book - how wonderfu. My favorite craft is to grab my fabric scraps and the the kids go wild. Amazing what they come up with bits of fabric, ribbon, rick rack and glue.


The book looks wonderful! I would love to win it for my daughter to use with my granddaughter!


Book looks great. On rainy days we like to craft with paper, yarn, and paint.

The Artful Parent

What a fun book idea! I'm going to post about your giveaway on twitter...

Linda gerig

making cards with stamps in my craft room.

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