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El Thomson

It poured the other day. I was clear out of ideas.....We have a white fridge, which we cleared of magnets and cleaned with a spray bottle and cloth. Then we got all of our wipe off pens out and drew all over the cleaned fridge! Lots of fun - and I think the pens did indeed wipe off with some more spray bottle cleaning!


Glue, Sharpies, paper...can't go wrong. I would love some new ideas from your gorgeous book!


Oh, I like this! Also love that it is pocket-sized!

Mine is only a year and a half, so more games/activities and not much making (yet). Last cold & rainy day I set a dishpan of plain water and one of bubbles on some towels in the kitchen, stripped her naked and let her go to town with bowls, spoons, ladles, and pitchers.


What a great book. We do lots off paper craft, coloring, puzzles etc. on rainy days. Would be nice to have some new things to do with the kiddos. Thank you for the wonderful give away.

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