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beth lehman

Congratulations! This looks so cool!! Our favorite rainy day activity is to get out a big puzzle or a game and hold a "tournament". We do less crafting than I'd like to... I'd love some great ideas!


Looks like a great book!
One of our favorites is to "draw" a street map on the kitchen floor using colored tape. Then we a variety of toys to make buildings and bring in the hot wheels cars.....


That looks like a fun book! Our favorite rainy day craft is coloring or finger painting!


Congrats on the book. We definitely could use some new craft ideas. My five year old is becoming very creative, but then comes up with ideas that are too complicated for his skill level and he gets frustrated. Painting and coloring have been the preferred activities around here lately.


Our fav. rainy day craft is collaging with magazines


would love a copy of that! our rainy day crafts usually include painting, or a big roll of paper that we all get to add to with paints, crayons, cut-outs or what not.


Markers and paper. I have recently introduced my kids to Ed Emberly drawing books.


Building things out of cardboard boxes always entertains -- both the building and the imaginative play that follows. Thanks for the giveaway.

Andrea from ziezo

Looks like a great book. Our go-to craft is wet-on-wet painting or playing with home made play-dough.


Watercolors! I save them for rainy days.

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