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hi islay,
i was thinking it would work well to use cheesecloth in a sieve over a bowl, as well - will definitely give it a try, thanks for the tip!

heather jane

I think my comment disappeared...if this is a dupe...sorry.

Does tempering the pan mean to heat the water up in the pan and then pour it out before pouring the milk in?



hi heather jane,

what i did was fill it with really hot tap water to heat the pan, then dumped it out before adding the milk. let me know if you make it!



Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!! I am SO going to make this. All that using a thermometer, putting it in a cooler or yogurt maker at a certain temperature.... not for me. But THIS! This I can do. And I mean, for yogurt like that? Why would anybody not? Bacteria, shmackteria.


This looks completely fabulous. I have one question: Does the lidded bowl need to be glass? I'm sure that would be more ideal but I only have a large tupperware bowl with a lid. Would that work?


I would love to try and make yogurt using raw unpasteurized milk. That is how my grandparents made it for years. This is how it should be made in order to get all the benefits of the milk and the alive friendly bacteria from the yogurt. I can not find organic raw milk anywhere though. Will keep looking.


I'll have to try your recipe but I've had great success with the crockpot version roaming the internet (Norma Knits has one in her archives from this year). Absolutely delicious!


My kids love yogurt. We run out of it all the time and recently bought the big store brand to help save costs. Today for the first time I actually looked at the yogurt and was instantly shocked at what was inside. Horrified.

Thanks for giving me a cost saving and healthier alternative that I can actually make myself. THANK YOU!


it is amazing, almost magical, how easy it is to transform milk into yogurt isn't it?
I use powdered milk, it helps me spread my grocery dough just that much further.
your photos are simply stunning!


I use quart jars in my dehydrator (take out all the shelves) but like this no-electric version. My kiddos like it fine for smoothies but not with honey or maple syrup like I do. Bring on the topping / flavoring ideas!

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