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Serena Yuen-Beltz

Candy cane cookies are the first ones I remember baking as a child. I have since lost the recipe so I will have to give these a try with my little ones. The recipe we had actually called for peppermint extract and crushed candy canes as well. Yum!

lisa truesdell

these were a favorite from my childhood as well - like serena, they got peppermint extract in the dough and crushed candy canes sprinkled over the top. yum. =)


What a beautiful story with lovely photos and a recipe to go with it! Your "time machine" moment is well put. There are oh so many of those moments aren't there?? I try so hard to be present and live fully in the moment so they don't pass me by, because they are there everyday. Thanks for the story and the recipe!

Erin D.

This story brought tears to my eyes - thanks so much for sharing your special moment. :)


Oh wow, I remember these from my childhood. I loved them. Thank you so much for bringing these back to my memory.
Happy New Year


What a sweet date!! Mother-daughter dates are really great. One of our new year resolutions is to have more "private times" with our girls. They're three so wish me luck.


Yum! I have such a hankering for one of those right now, with my cup of tea.


I loved this!!! I remember eating them as a child, though we never made them. I will be saving this recipe for Val's Day. I also love how you give us glimpses of your twins' bond... Mine are boy/girl (6 1/2)- their bond is treasured by me - but not always them. Today they were trying to lift each other off the floor - a little moment I will savor.


Your girls are so sweet. Oh, and I remember my mom teaching me how to make candy cane cookies. I hadn't thought of them in so long, so thanks!


How cute! I have never seen candy cane cookies before.

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