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Serena Beltz

Ah, finally something that will satisfy the sweet tooth meets mad dash out the door (esp on Monday mornings). Thank you! I'll be whipping up a non-nut batch this afternoon.


These sound amazing! I might have to find a good gluten free substitute for the pastry flour and try them. Thanks for sharing


These look terrific...I have a breakfast cookie recipe that we like, but these look better! One thing that's a hit at our house is adding some raisins or dried cranberries. They're great to freeze and microwave for a quick breakfast. Thanks for sharing!


My husband was just complaining how he hates having to eat the prepackaged bars... I'm going to try this! Thanks :)


Thank you for the recipe- I am on a quest to make our breakfasts less processed and these sound great. Just a question- did you top them with green sugar?


what a great idea, thanks so much for sharing. i'm thinking mashed banana could make it's way in there somehow ...


you made 3 dozen cookies with 1/2 a stick of butter! - i'll be making these superpower guys. thanks for the recipe.


Thanks for the recipe. I'm a Gluten free-er so have easily adapted it - used a mixture of ground almonds, rice flour and polenta, and added a mashed banana to help keep them moist.

Delicious. do I have to wait until morning before I eat one?!


oh sammie, those sound fantastic!  thanks for sharing your gluten-free adaptation!


hi kristin,
no topping whatsoever.  those specs are probably either some flaxmeal, or from the whole wheat pastry flour.  before i pressed each one down, i dipped the bottom of the glass in some of the flour so it wouldn't stick to the cookie dough.

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