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Linda Kristin

Soulemama linked to you today, and I love the vest. And the Neighborly-idea is so great! Thanks! I'll definetely knit this for a girl sometime!


I am over from Soulemama...and I just love this sweater vest. I am going to have to try this one for my daughter. Thanks!


Very neighbourly of you indeed! My hearty thanks to you. I'll be sure to pay the goodness forward (and let you know when I have!)...

wish I had a little girl to knit this for


ohhhh thanks for sharing! I'm going to whip this up in some cotton for my little miss!

I think I'll also make a few more to giveaway!

thank you for your genorosity!


LOVE it! Thank you!

Jane A.

I have tried to download your pattern and the Abode reader says the file is damaged-
is there another way I can print this pattern??

Thanks so much!


hi jane,
i'll be happy to email you the direct link - perhaps your version of acrobat reader experienced a hiccup while downloading.


After knitting only socks, hats, and mittens for 20 years, finally last month I knit a tiny sweater for a newborn. Your gorgeous sweater inspired me to try something a bit bigger. Thank you! It is for my friend who passes all her girl's hand-me-down clothes to my two year old. Figured I'd pass something on to her! It turned out great! Thank you!


that is so awesome - thanks for letting me know! i never thought of hand-me-ups before and what a nice surprise that must have been for her :)


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