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Seriously, I wish I was your neighbor and could see all these things with my own eyes. Your pictures are wonderful though!!


Love this! My friend has identical twin girls and this will be the perfect gift for them! Thank you!


These really are adorable, can't wait to make one!


Cute, cute, cute!!! Thank you!

julie green

so cute. i kind of want to make one for me now. hmm...


thanks a lot ! i love them...


I love the scarf. But am confused about the "Do not sell" item. How is this different from the one I had as a child, 40 years ago, that my mom bought at Woolworth's?


I'm not "diss-ing' your work. It is lovely. It is practical. It is wonderful that you are sharing! It keeps the hair out of the girls' faces, and minimizes tangles, so fewer ouchies when brushing their hair. I am just feeling my age this morning. I apologize for being crusty. I wish I had a little girl to make some for.


hi becky - thanks for your comment and giving me an opportunity to address the issue of the "do not sell" note...
this is not rocket science, nor is this something for which i am claiming copyright. honestly, this is a simple little hairkerchief i put together in 5 minutes. i then chose to spend considerably more time creating and formatting this tutorial because i knew some of my blog readers would enjoy it, especially because it was a really quick (and i think cute) solution to a common issue. i enjoyed writing this tutorial and will earn no profit from it in any way, so i feel it is fair to make this kind request of those who choose to follow this tutorial.
that said... rather than sell this exactly as i've outlined it, i encourage everyone to use what they've learned from this simple technique and alter the pattern, change it up and create their own unique design that has something completely "you" about it, which could then put out there for sale as your own work. in my book, that is fair.
if anyone has questions, please have a look at my about + FAQs page for more information. thanks!


wow, i will try it for my 5 y.o daughter
thank you so much for sharing :)

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