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awesomeness! i'm totally going to make one of these! or 6.


Just made one for my daughter and can't wait to make many more for myself!!

Rachel R.

Ooh, thank you! We had one of these when my elder daughter was a baby, but it was made on a firm-style hairband, and it's a teeny-tiny one. It never occurred to me to make one myself (duh, Rachel!), and the elastic hairbands make it more adjustable and reversible, too - very nice!


fantastic! i am going to make some of these today. thanks for the great idea, we have major hair brushing issues at our house!!



Just beautiful, but please help me understand,did you measure out a 7 1/2 square them fold together to form a triangle? Or is it 15 sq folded tp a 7 1/2 triangle.? I really believe that i am confusing myself. I tried this, but added 2 inches and the end result was really small, i mean real small. i started with a 9 1/2 and folded it and then i made my cuts// please help...

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